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Aadhar Prime is one of the best real estate agencies in Rajasthan. The ongoing process of finding a house is never ending but with Aadhar Prime, you don’t need to worry about getting a house with all the amenities and still be in your budget because we’re here to do it for you. We look after all your check boxes and make sure that you get a house of your choice.
A house is a place of lifetime happiness and joy, so why make the process of finding one a hassle? Aadhar Prime understands you and works only with the aim of finding a house for everyone of their own. There is no lying when we say, we make your journey to your dream house a joyful and exciting one. We know what you want and work towards getting you the best deal possible.


  • India’s second largest employer. 
  • Greater consolidation with reforms like GST and RERA boosting demand for organized real estate.

All of this makes India far more attractive to both global and domestic investors.

As the leading real estate brand of the country, Aadhar prime has been consistently challenging the stereotypes of the sector and redefining how real estate is done.


“It takes a lot of effort to fulfill someone’s dream of owning their own home. Developers play an important role in that, and you need to have passion for this type of work if you want to succeed. The Indian economy has been booming and the latest changes to the real estate sector have led to more demand for structured and organized properties. Opportunities for investment are constantly growing not just in this country, but internationally as well. These times are ripe for a professional to make a career in real estate development and even more so with the leading developer of its kind!”

Ujawal poonia – Director


We know that when it comes to relocation, there are a lot of details that need to be considered. So we have created a detailed process that will make the process smoother for you. It includes an introduction meeting, property viewings, home assessment, offer letter negotiation, and more! 

When you apply for an open position, one of our recruiters will contact you and walk you through the application process. Typically, our HR and Business teams conduct a series of competency-based structured interviews as part of the selection process. For specific roles, you may also be needed to undergo behavioural or functional examinations. Based on the interview discussions and position fit, the offer will be extended. 



We help our associates to discover and develop their talents by challenging them professionally and by assisting them in managing their careers through various initiatives. 

Our corporate induction program that new associate are a part of during their first two days at aadhar prime. Aadhar prime forms an integral part of the associate’s onboarding with us as it gives them an understanding of the organization’s history, culture, values, processes and ways of working. It’s our endeavor to ensure that all new associates have an enriching and engaging joining experience at aadhar prime.


We follow a methodical, step-by-step process to create an effective employee training programme. At Aadhar prime we empowers our associates with industry knowledge and most importantly product knowledge. We conduct time to time seminars for our associates to keep them connected and updated. Moreover we believe in feedback of our associates, because when a training approach is based on recent feedback and employee experiences that indicate team needs – as well as when it is focused on connecting with overarching corporate goals – it is effective.

Reward and Recognintion

We aspire to be a place where our employees may thrive. We hire people who are among the best and brightest in the industry, with a focus on development, flexibility, and well-being. We are happy to be recognised as a great place to work because of our culture of inclusivity, cooperation, high performance, and opportunity.


We enable our people to meet their career aspirations through our internal mobility initiative, facilitating everyone to gain cross functional exposure. They can do so by applying to job opportunities within the organization across departments and take the next leap of their career journey with us.
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